Hi! I'm Perry Raskin, engineer and founder of Pointway. I'm a full stack web developer based in New York. Pointway is the project I work on in my free time, and I enjoy every moment of it! For any questions or feedback on anything from design to features to support, I'm your guy. Please don't hesitate to reach me at, or alternatively, to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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I started Pointway because I felt the need for a more seamless process of looking at monthly finances. Like many others, I had a spreadsheet that would handle a lot of the math. Most tasks remain repetitive, though, especially when it comes to managing credit card points. Every month I want to be able to see last months overall spendings, along with my earned points, at a glance. Thanks to the power of Plaid (and some good old math), I'm now able to do this and share this feature set with others.

Further Motivation

I've been part of many conversations that tend to get me frustrated due to hearing how people think about owning or using credit cards. People are so paranoid about their credit, they drive themselves crazy for nothing. I'm not speaking about those who are in debt, but those who actually pay every bill on time and in full.

I can go on and on, but the bottom line here is this: people should take advantage of what credit cards really have to offer. Owning just one card is pointless in this regard. 1.5% unlimited cash back is nice for those who can't handle spending a bit more time actually making money and earning free vacations. For the rest of us, it's simply a waste! Hopefully an app like Pointway can help those who get overwhelmed keeping track of points they earn, and how to maximize earnings on each card.

I think everyone should at least be educated in what really causes issues with their credit, and what they can take advantage of when it comes to credit card benefits. Pointway can be wonderful for anyone who wants a way to more easily visualize their past earnings and potential future earnings. I eventually would love to implement an education section where people can be more informed. I believe it can enable more points-earning and just more free stuff!

Security and Privacy

My goal is to be as transparent as possible with my users. When it comes to apps like Pointway, it's completely understandable to feel concerned about the security and privacy of your financial information and how it will be used. While I can't change that feeling, I can do my best to provide you with insight to exactly what happens with your data in Pointway.

Account Credentials

Pointway uses a third party system called Plaid, which takes care of everything between clicking "Link an Account" and arriving at your dashboard. Basically, they work with many U.S. and Canada banks to provide a secure link between a user-facing application and the user's bank account. This way none of your bank credentials or personal identifiable information (other than the name and email you provide us) is stored in our databases. You can learn more on Plaid's website.

Personal Data

The benefit to an app like Pointway is that you get to see only what you care or want to see, and ideally with a great user experience. In order to do this, some financial data needs to be imported so it can be displayed in your account. This includes the following:

  • Account names (e.g. Chase, Chase Freedom Unlimited)
  • Account balances
  • Last 4 digits of credit card numbers
  • Transactions: date, name, amount, and categories
Note: Pointway currently does not import any accounts other than credit card accounts. Since we are focusing on credit card rewards, importing checking, savings, or 401k accounts seemed unnecessary for the time being. If this ever changes for any reason, all users will be notified.

Want to delete your account? No problem, please email me at I'll handle it myself and get back to you ASAP, usually within 24 hours.