Track spendings and points, at a glance

What is it?

There are many personal finance apps and tools out there. Most of them are built to help individuals or couples manage budgets, while others focus on reports over a period of time.

Pointway focuses on credit card rewards, where you can easily view your total earned points over time. Feel free to try it out, and don't hesitate to reach out with questions or comments!

Who's it for?

Pointway would be super helpful for you if you are either:

  • Someone who knows earning points is valuable and wants to start somewhere. The mental energy involved is just so much to handle, and we're with you on that! 😅
  • Someone who's already a guru at the credit card points game, and needs something to simply help keep track and manage everything in one place.


  • Spendings & earnings totals
  • Total earnings vs. earning potential
  • Sign-up bonus tracking
  • List-view displaying total earnings per transaction
  • More coming soon!

4 Easy Steps

1. Sign up
2. Link an account
3. Visualize earnings
4. Maximize spendings

Currently in beta.

Join fellow beta testers on Slack or on Reddit to submit bugs and/or features!

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